July 2021


Ferrari Expéditions is extremely pleased to announce the start of operations for our new  FULL ELECTRIC ARMORED VAN in Geneva.

The challenges of maintaining full high-security features in the armoring within an electric vehicle have been overcome thanks to the cooperation with major players in the automotive and armoring industries: the result is the Full Electric Armored Nissan e-NV200.

Equipped with Nissan Intelligent Mobility technologies and a powerful 40 kWh battery, the 100% electric Full Electric Armored Nissan e-NV200 Van is a perfect example of intelligent power: a smooth, practical and incredibly efficient model, one recharge guarantees over 120 km, with great flexibility for local city services, with no compromise in terms of emissions. Abundant cargo space allows for versatile service uses, while the full-scale security armoring guarantees Ferrari’s state-of-the-art safety for the valuables we carry. Being kind to the environment has a new meaning in Valuables secured transports.

Reception in Geneva has been enthusiastic: our partners and clients are delighted to witness this change towards Full Electric, and we are committed throughout the Ferrari Group network with joint efforts to decrease our carbon footprint and improve the sustainability of our business.

Further developments include implementing 100% electric vehicles for domestic transports within major European cities, offering our contribution towards a healthier planet.