January 2020

Green mobility: new electrical vans in Monaco

2020 has started on a “green” note for Ferrari Group in Monaco-Montecarlo: the operations now works with brand new electrical vans for local deliveries, thus reducing our footprint on carbon emissions.

For over twenty years, infact, the Principality of Monaco has been promoting actions for climate change and the current integrated effort aims to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and reach carbon neutrality by 2050 according to the White Paper on Energy Transition. The Principality plays a leading role in promoting clean mobility and boosting energy efficiency, receiving effective support from the government and local stakeholders. The Ferrari Group is pleased to be supportive of the clean air initiatives by the Principality, and we look forward to implementing further measures to curb climate change.

The Ferrari Group Monaco team joins our Asian colleagues from Hong Kong, Shenzen, Shanghai and Singapore in the green mobility project: the Ferrari Group in Asia has been successfully using electrical vans since early 2019, in a commitment to taking action against climate change, contributing to better air quality with zero carbon emissions and zero noise pollution.