Ferrari Group’s customs service handles every procedure involved in the shipping of high-value products anywhere in the world. Based on a direct knowledge of customs policies in different location sectors, our professionals are entirely familiar in dealing with custom paperwork to ensure all shipments enter into all countries smoothly. Our services include: research and processing of special tariffs and VAT deposits, clearance services and special procedures, customs consultation and information services.

In addition, our import and export departments handle CITIES permit and ATA Carnet for some specialty goods prior to entering customs. In order to secure a safe journey going in/out of the customs, we have all supporting documents to be registered and ready to ensure fast delivery.


Ferrari Group presents this unique service allowing Non-European Union companies to be represented in the handling of all the documents associated with their shipments to European Union (EU) countries for customs purposes. This service allows goods to be freely transported with European status in EU countries without a VAT pre-payment.


Global / Domestic Transportation and Hand-Carry Services

These are our dedicated, secured transportation methods that optimise both international and domestic courier services. It is now the most efficient method for small and medium direct shipments, managed on a daily basis or advanced order/booking when needed. Ferrari Group is capable of arranging fast and secure delivery through different carriages to suit our customers’ increasing demands.

With any urgent shipments that our customer is required to deliver, Ferrari Group is able to provide hand-carry services to several cities. Our support team has close relationship with the airlines and airports to receive first-hand information on their flights plans and to book the earliest flight available for any ad-hoc shipments.

Ferrari Group provides shuttle service to major gemmological institutes/laboratories. A fast, easy and safe way to have your diamonds and gemstones graded and certified. Ferrari Group will pick up your valuables from your office and return it with its certificates after grading in the appointed institutes/laboratories.


Security Services

Our well-trained bodyguards and armoured vehicles ensure that security is taken care of for every step throughout the delivery process. Guards and CCTV cameras are deployed in all of our warehouses and vaults to ensure the safety of your items.


Warehousing Services

Warehousing Distribution
Ferrari Group provides warehousing and temporary storage at all main sites around the world. Inventory management, packing services and quality assurance services are done in-house at a single location to boost our efficiency and deliver quicker services to our customers. Working with some special commodities, we perform pest, hygiene, humidity and temperature control in the warehouse environment. Apart from security guards, full digital security 24-hour CCTV systems, barcode systems, racking/shelving systems are in place.
Distribution & Packaging Services
Each delivery we pick up is carefully packed and wrapped to ensure both the inner and outer layers of the shipment are protected. We use labelling technology to make sure each item is properly marked for recognition purposes, then bar-coding them for technical records. This increases the efficiency of our services and gives extra care and security to meet our customers’ needs.
Inventory Management, Assembly Services
Inventory management requires constant and careful evaluation of external and internal factors and control through planning and review. Hence, Ferrari Group has installed cycle count, annual stocktaking, online inventory monitoring, online ordering, EDI and a powerful warehouse management system (AS400) for better control over daily processes.

Assembly services play an important role as they illustrate the technical parts for Ferrari Group, these are the combinations from pick and pack, accessories insert (warranty card, manual, cd rom, etc.), watch straps and multi-commodity bundling.
Engraving Services
Engraving services is one of Ferrari Group’s dedicated services established to help our customers engrave their products such as luxury jewellery and leather watchstraps. It is one of the few companies that offer such customised services in Asia.
After Sales
Regardless of the nature of your business, Ferrari Group goes the extra mile to help your customers happy. We provide after-sales services such as goods return/repair, managing the entire process of collecting the defective item from your customer, sending for repairs to delivering the repaired back.


Quality Control Services

Apart from packaging services, our logistics team does general quality checks such as model and colour, logos, dial numbers, codes, finishing, straps, buckles and stone resistance. Each of our staff handling such procedures will crosscheck all pieces to ensure they are in perfect condition before moving on or exporting to other countries.


Apart from the general quality checks, we also manage functional checks such as crown, hand, chronometer function checks and water resistance tests.


We have the capability to meticulously check and examine jewellery pieces thoroughly to ensure their consistency – items’ colour, size and length, logo, buckle, shape finishing and stone resistance. There is no job too large or small that we cannot perform to satisfy our clients’ requirements.


Global/Private Events

When you need to attend fairs, international exhibitions or special events that require extra care, Ferrari Group offers responsive services to ship and protect your valuables, freeing your resources so that you can concentrate entirely on your business. Our team is capable of managing all customs procedures for TIB and ATA carnets, as well as providing security services extended to the exhibition period.



Ferrari Group is dedicated to providing comprehensive risk management and insurance solutions with its years of understanding in unique risks in different areas of logistics. “All risks” insurance coverage is offered specifically for jewellers, goldsmiths and dealers in precious goods.


Fine Art Services

Ferrari Group’s experience in handling luxury goods extends to the art and design pieces as well. With shipping and logistics services expressly devoted to artworks from every era, Ferrari Fine-Art is a special department that solves every problem involving the handling, storage, and insurance of art objects and works all over the world.

This dedicated department offers maximum security and has its headquarters in New York, the world’s largest art market.


Bespoke Services

The Ferrari Group provides customised solutions for customers in various critical areas. We offer unique insights into security management, transportation and logistics flow analysis with the aim of helping clients make the most cost effective decisions. Our solutions are always delivered under the finest conditions, and we are able to model itself on your concept of work and organisation.