December 2023


We are proud to share with our Clients, Partners and Colleagues that the Ferrari Group has been selected by Deloitte Private as one of the Best Managed Companies 2023 for the third consecutive year

Evaluated on the parameters of StrategySkills and InnovationCommitment and Corporate CultureGovernance and Performance MeasurementCorporate Social Responsibility, Internationalization and Supply Chain, the winners of this year’s award were chosen by an expert panel working within the framework of an international award that operates in 38 countries, forming a cooperative “gold club” of the greatest acknowledged excellences.

The Best Managed Company award highlights the Ferrari Group’s efforts and dedication to technical innovation, digitization, and sustainability. Thanks to the customer-driven evolution of the Group, strategy has been adjusted globally, with a continuous emphasis on competitive innovation and long-term change management. Receiving the award for three years in a row attests to the Group’s drive towards a positive contribution to our industry, while sustaining improvements in the key areas evaluated by the experts panel.

«Now in its sixth edition this year, the award not only represents recognition for the excellence of Italian entrepreneurship for what has already been achieved, but is a real multi-year growth program in which the participating companies are supported by Deloitte experts in a path that iteratively stimulates its development and strengthening with respect to the Award’s fundamental success parameters, and which are crucial for the management of a business. A path that becomes virtuous and long-lasting, as demonstrated by the fact that over 80% of companies have won more than one edition, while as many as 7 companies are in their sixth consecutive year of awarding”, comments Ernesto Lanzillo, Partner Deloitte and Leader of Deloitte Private in the Central Mediterranean area (Italy, Greece and Malta).

We would like to sincerely thank our clients, partners, colleagues, and staff for their unwavering support of our efforts throughout our international network: your dedication and trust are what make us resilient, your unwavering support allowed us to receive the BMC Award once more.

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